Money Heist is an internationally successful Spanish series. With these Money Heist costumes and Dali's mask you will be able to transform yourself into one of the well-known robbers that enter and steal from the Royal Mint of Spain. These Money Heist fancy dress costumes are perfect to create a fun group costume and copy this great television robbery. Everyone can choose their favourite character: the Professor, Tokyo, Berlin, Nairobi, Rio, Moscow, Denver, Helsinki or Oslo. Others could even be the hostages because at the end of the day, they all wear the same red jumpsuit. The Money Heist costume includes a red workman's jumpsuit with a zip and hood and Dali's mask which identifies the characters from this series. That's right. Dali's mask is the strong point of your Money Heist costume. So if you only need the Money Heist mask then you can also buy that separately. If you would like to give a striking finishing touch to your costume add a couple of bundles of €500 notes and a machine gun and you will have everything ready to carry out the robbery of the century. A Money Heist costume will be perfect for you if you are a fan of the series that has turned into the most viewed non-English series on Netflix. But if you would prefer a more classic thief style with a black fancy dress costume and eye mask or of a prisoner with an orange, or black and white striped jumpsuit, we have a large selection of prisoner fancy dress costumes for women and thief costumes at Funidelia. Bella ciao!!
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