Dress to impress with Funidelia’s collection of Opposuits and unique suits. Discover an easy and elegant way to dress up for your special occasions! Find a wide range of colorful fun suits and super original patterned suits for men. Your Opposuit will no doubt steal the spotlight at the next party. They’re the suits of the future! These stylish outfits are more elegant than a costume and include trousers, a jacket and a tie. They’re perfect for men and women and will help you have fun in style! Opposuits come in different colors and patterns for every occasion: red, pink, orange...with pumpkins for Halloween, snowmen for winter, palm trees for summer and even with your favorite superhero symbol. Imagine a group costume in which everyone wears a different colored Opposuit…a great choice for a novelty Carnival costume. Discover the most original and fun costumes at Funidelia!

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