All hands on deck! Put on one of these pirate costumes and set out to sail the seven seas. Turn into a rebel pirate or a buccaneer beauty with these pirate costumes that are never out of style. Whether it’s Carnival, Halloween or a costume party, pirates are always welcome! Don’t forget to customize your pirate costume with some essential accessories: a pirate hat and hook, a bandana, a belt, a sword or dagger…and the indispensable eye patch. Get ready to live incredible adventures on your search for hidden treasures. Among our selection of pirate costumes for children and adults, you’ll find pirate costumes for men that will turn you into a seasoned Captain Hook or pirate costumes for women so you can become a sassy female pirate. We also have famous pirate looks, like Jack Sparrow’s costume from Pirates of the Caribbean. All you have to do is pick out your favorite costume and plan the pirate party you've always dreamed of. Yo ho, Yo ho! Is it a pirate’s life for you?
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