The time has come for you to let that great voice of yours shine. Or well, maybe it's not that great, but the time has come for you to have fun with these famous singers costumes with which you can turn into a rock or pop star. You can turn into your favourite singer by simply putting on a jacket and a few accessories. Turn into the King of Pop with a Michael Jackson costume or shake your pelvis with these Elvis costumes. Prince, Lady Gaga, Madonna or even Angus Young himself from AC/DC. National and international singers, from movies like Grease or from emblematic groups such as ABBA. We have the singer costume that you are looking for. What's more we also have musical and celebrity costumes for kids or adults so you can dress up as a group and form your very own band in order to reach stardom. But if you have discovered that music is not for you, maybe you would prefer having a look at our other profession costumes, you might just find your dream vocation. Tune your vocal cords, microphone at hand, glitter, glamour... and above all no shame and give the stage everything you've got! These musical costumes and famous singers' suits will make you triumph!
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