If you are a Marvel fan, these Captain America costumes will help you to turn into the First Avenger. Hydra and Shield will stop keeping secrets for you when you put on your blue and red jumpsuit, your mask and you grab your Captain America shield. You'll find these Captain America suits in normal format and also as Morphsuits, very tight-fitting and perfect for the combat, available for kids and adults. You will be able to choose from the different models that the original Captain America has been using in his movies, like the classic Captain America costume or the suit from the Winter Soldier or the Civil War movie. In fact, we have all The Avengers costumes available for you in our catalogue for if you fancy getting together with your friends and making a group themed costume. If there are too many of you, don't worry, simply widen your universe. There are more than enough Marvel costumes for all. Which superhero costume do you like the most? The girls can also get dressed up as the First Avenger with these Captain America costumes for women, in both sexy and classic versions. Complete your look with the accessories that match your Captain America suit. We have them all, from economic kits for a surprise party to official swords and helmets. Are you ready to save the world in the name of justice!?

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