When you're thinking about the next party or event, there's something that you cannot be without: costume accessories. Costume accessories make the difference to your costume and make your outfit look unique and personalised. With these Carnival accessories you will be able to design the most fun, different and complete costumes. Your costume won't be complete if you forget any of these essential accessories. Who would Thor be without his hammer? Or Elvis without his tupé? Wigs, guns, glasses, hats, masks, capes, make-up and many more accessories for you to achieve the "perfect costume" and with all the necessary details to turn you into the king of the party. Choose one of these colourful tights and leggings and transform into a little witch or give the finishing touch to a fairy costume with a beautiful colourful tutu. There are costumes that without an identifying detail, are not finished. That's why costume accessories are so important: they help everyone know right away who you have turned into and make your outfit perfect, like Superman's cape, a pirate's hat or a Stormtrooper's helmet from Star Wars. Sometimes, with one accessory or by combining various accessories, you could easily create an easy, low-price Carnival costume to enjoy the party in. Find the accessories that fit your character the best. There are so many to choose from!

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